Back in 2016 when the summer Olympic Games were being held in Rio, talented Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones became one of the best things about the biggest sporting competition in the world. And it wasn't because of some secret elite athletic ability but because of her fantastic, enthusiastic live tweeting during the Games. She loves the Olympics and isn't afraid to tweet it.

Fast forward to the current Winter Olympics taking place in Pyeonchang County, South Korea and Jones is back - but in an official capacity for NBC as one of the network's commentators. And since the time difference for us Aussie's to watch the Olympics is tricky (who's watching the curling finals at 10am on a Monday morning?) following her coverage on Twitter is totally doable and also the best way to enjoy the Games.

Plus since the Australian team just nabbed their first medal thanks to Matt Graham's epic silver medal effort in the men's moguls - what better time to tune in to all the incredible sports action?

Follow Leslie's Games live coverage @Lesdoggg on Twitter. In the meantime, here's a couple of her best Winter Olympics tweets:

Olympics figure skating @Lesdoggg

Olympics curling competition @Lesdoggg

The only Olympics coverage you need is Leslie Jones' Twitter feed