Kim Kardashian robbery update: the police weigh in

Kim Kardashian robbery update: the police weigh in

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The Paris chief of police has weighed in on Kim Kardashian’s robbery investigation – and he’s pretty certain it’s legit

A word to all the naysayers and conspiracy theorists: according to the Paris police chief Christian Sainte, Kim Kardashian's robbery is the real deal. In an interview published by Vanity Fair, the police chief was pretty certain that Kim K's burglary and theft was not the work of an elaborate insurance job, but an actual crime. "At this time, there is no doubt about the reality of the crime," he says. 

Speaking to VF about the investigation, Sainte was quick to squash the persistent rumour that the whole thing was a hoax, arguing that they are still investigating, and the criminals are still at large. His claim was further backed by police writer Frédéric Ploquin who argued that at-home celebrity burglaries were the new bank robberies of 2016. Furthermore, these home-jackers track their victims using 21st century methods - write-ups in Vogue and in Kim's case - Instagram and Snapchat. Ploquin also poked holes in the lax security of Kim's Paris accommodation, arguing that the ultra-exclusive No Address Hotel was a well-known target for home-jacking.  

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"Dozens of potential suspects know about this place, because celebrities are staying there for a long time," says Ploquin. "They think they will be free without cameras, free to receive friends, visitors... Drivers, bodyguards, paparazzi, girl furnishers... know about this place. That makes maybe hundreds of people who know about this place. This makes the investigation very complex. You have hundreds of possible suspects..."

Ploquin also argues that the attackers must have had a pretty good knowledge of Paris. Thanks to the now-released CCTV footage, it's known that three of the burglars arrived and took off on bikes - an almost genius mode of getaway because bikes are virtually untraceable. While the investigation continues, Kim has remained silent on the matter, although other family members have spoken about her recovery.

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