The Buro daily: today's news in 2 minutes

The Buro daily: today's news in 2 minutes

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Is Tasmania running out of electricity?
It sounds ludicrous, but yes - since Basslink, the submarine cable connecting Tassie with Victoria that supplied up to 40 per cent of its electricity, stopped working on December 20, the situation is getting a little tense. Basslink was supposed to be fixed last month, but is proving trickier than originally thought - and meanwhile, the state's dams, which provide hydro-power, are down to 16.1 per cent. The state government is bringing in 20 portable diesel generators at a cost of $44+ million for power and has just announced a controversial cloud-seeding campaign to encourage rain.

Barbie Body Types launch in Australia today
The three new doll sizes - tall, curvy and petite - were a long time coming, but they're finally here, dropping into Myer stories across the country today. "This is the most dramatic change to Barbie's body in 57 years," Chedney Rogers, Mattel Australia and New Zealand Marketing Director, said in a statement released today. The new dolls are part of the 2016 Barbie Fashionistas doll line, which also features different skin tones.

A woman has died in a lift after the maintenance crew cut power
The body of a 43-year-old woman was found 30 days after two maintenance workers cut elevator power to check on a glitch at a residential tower in the north-western city of Xi'an, China. It's reported they failed to check whether anyone was in the lifts, so the woman was left until the workers returned a month later. They face potential chargers of involuntary manslaughter.

Another piece of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has been found
It's almost exactly two years on from one of the most perplexing airline disasters ever, when MH370 disappeared without a trace on March 8, 2014, with 239 passengers on board. Now, the man who found a wing fragment on La Reunion island last July has found a second piece on the same beach. Last week, debris also washed up on a Mozambique beach, thousands of kilometres from the suspected crash. At this stage it is unclear whether the fragments will be sent to Australia or Malaysia for testing.

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