The Buro daily: today's news in 2 minutes

The Buro daily: today's news in 2 minutes

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Prince Harry opens up in rare personal interview
Speaking to Good Morning America, the royal revealed his devastation when news of his top secret deployment to Afghanistan was leaked, forcing him to abandon his fellow troops after 10 years of service. "All I wanted to do was prove to other people that I had a certain set of skills - let's say flying an Apache helicopter, for instance - rather than just being Prince Harry," he said. He also revealed memories of his mother, the late Princess Diana, who died when Prince Harry was 12. He's now completing a tour of Nepal, discussing climate change with the country's president and visiting survivors of 2015's earthquakes.

A terrorist from the 2015 Paris attacks has been captured
26-year-old Belgian-born French citizen Salah Abdeslam was captured and charged with terrorist murder in Brussels on Saturday. It's reported he has told police he was planning a similar attack in the Belgian capital. His lawyer is working to prevent him from being extradited to France.

The Tasmanian government has abandoned its logging plans
The government hoped to open up almost 200,000 hectares of Tasmania's Wilderness World Heritage Area for specialty species timber logging, but will abandon plans after UNESCO recommended against it in a final report released last night. Environment minister Matthew Groom told the ABC that the government will "accept the umpire's decision."

David Bowie lyrics are being auctioned off for over US$43,000
Handwritten, dated and signed by David Bowie, the lyrics to 'The Jean Genie' appear on a crumpled piece of paper - and they could be yours for a cool AU$56,000+. Bidding closes on March 31 for the Bowie memorabilia, which is expected to go for as much as US$70,000 (approx. AU$92,000). See for yourself here.

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