The Buro daily: today's news in 2 minutes

The Buro daily: today's news in 2 minutes

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The founders of Costume National are stepping down
Ennio and Carlo Capasa, who founded the Italian fashion house in 1986, have announced their decision to call it quits from their respective roles as creative director and CEO. No word yet on what the Capasas will do next, but Costume National will continue to run under Japanese company Sequedge, who have owned it since 2009.

Three's a charm for Harrison Ford
After reprising his roles in blockbuster franchises Star Wars and Blade Runner, it has today been announced that Harrison Ford will be returning to our screens for Indiana Jones 5. Steven Spielberg is also back on board to direct the Disney project, which is scheduled for a July 2019 release.

Pope Francis will make Mother Teresa a saint on September 4
Mother Teresa, the famous Roman Catholic nun who worked amongst the poor in Calcutta, India, and won a Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts, was beautified in 2003 (the first step to sainthood) and will now be made a saint this year. She died aged 87 in 1997.

Humans of New York founder writes scathing open letter to Trump
Brandon Stanton posted the piece to the Humans of New York Facebook page, outlining the reasons why he feels compelled to speak out and the problems he has with Trump's views. "Along with millions of Americans, I've come to realise that opposing you is no longer a political decision. It's a moral one," he writes. "You are a man who has encouraged prejudice and violence in the pursuit of personal power. And though your words will no doubt change over the next few months, you will always remain who you are." Read the full letter here.

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