The Buro daily: today's news in 2 minutes

The Buro daily: today's news in 2 minutes

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Now you can live at Disney World
The Golden Oak at Walt Disney Resort is a new gated community that sits within the magical walls of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. There are 450 homes across four neighbourhoods up for grabs - if, that is, you have a cool US$1.8 million-US$7 million to spend on your fantasy home. All residents receive free three-year passes to Disney World, plus access to the golf course, pool and spa of the new US$370-million Four Seasons Resort Orlando next door.

50 Cent taken to court over 'contemptuous' Instagram post
The rapper, who filed for bankruptcy after a court ordered him to pay $9 million + to the woman he posted a sex tape of online, has been hauled back before the courts after Instagramming photos of himself surrounded by cash - used in one shot to spell out the word 'broke.' 50 Cent's creditors have deemed the images "openly contemptuous", but the apparently bankrupt rapper insists the money in the photos is fake.

Dimmi is banning no-shows from making restaurant bookings
A whopping 3159 diners across the country have been banned by the online reservation service because they have failed to show up for their bookings, Fairfax has revealed. In New South Wales alone, 1168 people have been banned from over 1000 restaurants.

Study shows some Australians believe asylum seekers get $10,000 and Nike shoes
The University of Melbourne project asked 10 focus groups questions about asylum seekers, with participants taken from metropolitan, regional and remote New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. The study revealed religious prejudice and a fear of Islam drives most of the negative attitudes towards refugees, including the mistaken idea that they are given $10,000, free Nikes and public housing on arrival.

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