The Buro daily: today's news in 2 minutes

The Buro daily: today's news in 2 minutes

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Text: Yeong Sassall

Image: Tom Ford

Every morning, Buro brings you an around-the-world wrap-up of what you need to know

1. Like Burberry, Tom Ford and Vetements are changing their show schedules
Following on from Burberry's announcement last Friday (read it here), Tom Ford announced he would be switching his A/W '16 menswear and womenswear show to September, instead of the planned February. French label Vetements plan to completely show off-schedule - presenting its menswear and womenswear collections together in June and January. Clikc here for more details.

2. The GST rise is now looking unlikely
The debate about a proposed 15 per cent GST rages on, but the PM remains unmoved. "At this stage I remain to be convinced or persuaded that a tax mix switch of that kind would actually give us the economic benefit you'd want in order to do such a big thing," he told ABC's Insiders.

3. Twitter might be changing its timeline to be more like Facebook
CEO/co-founder Jack Dorsey has been tasked with revitalising the ailing social media service. One suggested amendment - changing the timeline's algorithm to rank popular tweets over most recent ones - sparked immediate outrage by Twitter's most passionate users. Follow #RIPTwitter to see more updates on the issue.

4. A bus blew up in London... but it's not what you think
Part of a stunt for an upcoming Jackie Chan movie (The Foreigner), the exploding double-decker bus on Lambeth Bridge spooked several onlookers, who compared it to scene from the 2005 London bombings. Authorities notified London commuters about the closed bridge, but failed to warn them about the explosion.

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