The Buro daily: today's news in 2 minutes

The Buro daily: today's news in 2 minutes

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1. The Afghan boy whose plastic bag 'jersey' went viral receives the real thing
The five-year-old Lionel Messi fan - whose makeshift jersey made from plastic bags struck a chord worldwide - has been sent a signed version of the real deal straight from the soccer star himself. The boy's Australian uncle Azim Ahmadi identified him in the photos last month and the message reached Messi via Twitter, who arranged the delivery through UNICEF. 

2. Why Orange is the New Black was a game changer for Hari Nef
22-year-old transgender model and actress Hari Nef - who signed with IMG last year - has spoken of the profound influence the Netflix series - and more specifically, Laverne Cox - has had on her career. In an interview with The New York Times, she revealed, "I saw her on Orange is the New Black and something clicked. I don't have to run from this and declare myself too other to be an actor." She went on, "Being given the female roles had its own challenges. Finally it was here, but am I feminine enough to play this role? I would like to get to a place where I get offered roles that I'm fit for as an actor that maybe don't have as much to do with my body."

3. SeaWorld caught out in embarrassing plot to sabotage PETA
US SeaWorld's CEO Joel Manby has admitted to sending the company's human resources workers undercover to PETA in an attempt to undermine the animal rights group's protest efforts. PETA suspected foul play last year when they caught a SeaWorld employee - working under an alias - posting damaging messages from PETA's social media accounts.

4. New research shows microbes determine whether you're fat or thin
The conundrum faced by people who exercise and eat healthily yet remain overweight could be down to the make-up of the microbes in their gut - which in turn, is down to genetics. Dr Tim Spector, professor of genetic epidemiology at King's College, London and author of The Diet Myth, says, "We now know from recent studies in Israel that the individual way you respond to food is more related to your personal gut microbes than the calorie count or GI score of your food. This is a dramatic shift in our thinking about nutrition - and moves us away from one size fits all diets." Watch this space.

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