The Buro daily: today's news in 2 minutes

The Buro daily: today's news in 2 minutes

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Every morning, Buro brings you an around-the-world wrap-up of what you need to know

1. King's Cross may be closed, but eyeball tattooing is now legal
New state legislation, which comes into effect on Friday, legalises the bizarre practice, in which tattoo ink is injected into the whites of the eye. Ophthalmologists and health professionals have condemned the procedure, which places recipients at risk of infection, haemorrhage, perforation and sensitivity. The government says it has legalised the practice in an attempt to make it safer.

2. NASA plans to open an art gallery on an asteroid
We're not even joking. Set to become the universe's first extra-terrestrial art gallery, the project will take art collected via social media and install it onto near-Earth asteroid Bennu via a chip aboard the OSIRISREx spacecraft. Want to send your stuff to space? Tweet your work via March 20 - find out more here.

3. A Dutch passenger train has collided with a crane in the eastern Netherlands
The commuter train derailed after hitting the crane, which was crossing the tracks, killing the driver and leaving several passengers injured. The accident occurred just outside Dalfsen, which lies 125-kilometres east of Amsterdam.

4. A boy has died while on school camp in South Australia
The 17-year-old student from Melbourne's Huntingtower School died during a trek at Plumbago Station in South Australia. Paramedics were on the scene and the Flying Doctor Service was on its way when the boy died, with cause of death not known. Police are awaiting autopsy results.

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