The Buro daily: today’s news in 2 minutes

The Buro daily: today’s news in 2 minutes

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Every morning, Buro brings you an around-the-world wrap-up of what you need to know

1. Willow Smith has been named as an ambassador for Chanel
The 15 year old scored a front row pass to Chanel's A/W '16 show and uploaded a photo of herself and Karl to her Instagram account with the following caption: "Thank you Karl Lagerfeld and the entire team at Chanel for expanding the perceptions of "beauty" by picking me to be the new Chanel ambassador. I am honoured." The high fashion win follows brother Jaden's appearance in the Louis Vuitton S/S '16 campaign.

2. Maria Sharapova's week goes from bad to worse
After the Russian tennis pro revealed yesterday that she had failed a drug test in January comes news that Nike, Tag Heuer and Porsche have suspended promotional work and contract negotiations with Sharapova while the investigation continues. In 2015, Forbes estimated that Sharapova had earned £16 million (AUD$29.5 million) in endorsements and she's currently the 11th most highly paid female in the world. It's a move that's likely to sting.

3. There is increasing evidence that the Zika virus can be spread sexually
New evidence confirmed by the World Health Organisation confirms that sexual transmission of the virus is "more common than previously assumed." It's predominantly spread by mosquitos, but with growing concerns about birth defects and risks to pregnant women, any information about the epidemic is important.

4. There's good news for subscribers to the 5:2 diet
Intermittent fasting is increasingly being embraced by scientists and health experts. Skipping meals like breakfast or having low calorie intake days can actually prove beneficial to weight management. In a article, National Institute on Aging neuroscientist Mark Mattson explains how several types - from fasting, to the 5:2 and even time-restricted feeding - have all shown impressive health benefits. 

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