Taking the plunge: underwater dining in the Maldives

Taking the plunge: underwater dining in the Maldives

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Designed with private functions - and the occasional proposal - in mind, the new Subsix event space is out of this world

Accessible only by speedboat (or we suppose you could swim), it's 500 metres off shore and six metres below the surface. Part of the Maldives' five-star Per Aquum Niyama resort and previously billed as the world's only underwater nightclub, Subsix has recently been transformed into a deep sea function centre by architecture firm Poole Associates. From its anemone-esque chairs to capiz shell chandeliers and shimmering silver-panelled columns, taking a seat at Subsix is the closest you could possibly get to living out your The Little Mermaid childhood fantasies, while dining on the restaurant's Subaquatic Lunch of crab, couscous, pomelo, fennel coral and ocean foam (so basically, you're eating Sebastian).

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Taking the plunge: underwater dining in the Maldives (фото 1)

Can't scuba dive? This could be the next best thing, offering unparalleled access to a breathtaking coral reef and marine life, without even having to get your toes wet. The resort's resident marine biologist was in charge of encouraging coral to grow around the structure, which was constructed on shore before it was sent to the bottom of the sea. The best event Subsix has hosted so far? A midnight wedding proposal - because the top of the Eiffel tower is so 2013.  

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Taking the plunge: underwater dining in the Maldives (фото 2)

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