Sydney now has it's first plant-delivery service

Green gifts

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It's the gift that keeps on giving

While flowers are sweet a gift - the truth is, they're only temporary. But what if; you could give a loved one a present that will only get better as it gets older, brings joy and happiness, but be super trendy at the same time? Introducing Leaf Supply: Sydney's first fresh plant and pot delivery service.

The masterminds behind Leaf Supply are magazine art director and interior addict Lauren Camilleri and plant stylist Sophia Kaplan. "Having realised the joy keeping indoor plants can bring, I'm all about syncing the right plant with the spot where it's going to live its best life," says Camilleri. "My Dad is a ceramicist, so I can probably blame my obsession with handcrafted pots on genes," explains Sophia. 

Leaf Supply delivers chic-looking indoor greenery like colocasia, begonia, or a leaf fig right right to your doorstep.  Each pot plant is hand-sourced from local nurseries and has a unique ceramic or plant accessory to sit suitably and more importantly, stylishly in your lounge room or bedroom.

The folks at Leaf Supply also collaborate with the latest fashion labels to create evolving plant and pot combos to deliver every month. And starting at $39 for a pot, you could consider this a total bargain.

Click through the gallery to see some of the stylish pots you can be sending to that special someone today: 

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