Sunday sleep in? Could be the key to everlasting love

Sunday sleep in? Could be the key to everlasting love

Doze more, divorce less

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Well if this isn’t the best news to catch our eye, a new study says couples that sleep more, stay together and are healthier

It's about time science recognised the incredible society-wide benefits of a lazy lie in or a solid eight plus hours of sleep every night, we've suspected for years that Sunday sleep ins are essential

A new relationship study undertaken by Ohio State University found not only do couples who get more sleep tend to have a better marriage, they're also healthier; it turns out bitter family feuds are toxic not only to your relationship but also your overall wellness.

The New York Times reports 43 couples took part in the study which explored, "how marital interactions influence a person's health... but while marital spats were universal among the couples, how they handled them was not. Some couples argued constructively and even with kindness, while others... were hostile and negative."

To find out why some couples argued 'well' and others fought like they were battling for the Game of Thrones crown the study's authors looked to the amount of sleep the couples were having and found according to The New York Times, "Couples were more likely to be hostile... when both partners were functioning on less than seven hours of sleep."

Which makes complete sense, when we're sleep deprived everything annoying is amplified by a factor of about one thousand and isn't sleep deprivation a torture technique practiced by underworld operators wanting answers from their enemies?

The study also medically measured what toxic arguing does to our bodies by taking blood samples before and after the feuds and looking at whether levels of inflammation were high or low (high inflammation is linked to "heart disease, cancer and other health problems" according to The New York Times).

Not surprisingly the old adage 'making someone's blood boil' is literally true - the sleep deprived feuding couples also had per The New York Times, "...higher levels of inflammatory proteins in their blood after those conflicts. In short, marital discord is more toxic to your body when you haven't gotten enough sleep." Makes a compelling case for regularly hitting the snooze button.

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