Stuck in a cycle of bad Tinder dates? Science says it’s not your fault

Stuck in a cycle of bad Tinder dates? Science says it’s not your fault

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There's no such thing as love at first swipe

When it comes to dating there are two types of people; those who revel in the excitement of meeting someone new, locking in Tinder date after Tinder date and usually say things like "dating is fun," but who are they kidding? Then there are those who enter the dating world with slight trepidation, usually newly single and only swiping right out of a sense of obligation. The date rolls around and you slap on some makeup, throw on a pretty dress and start to rehearse introductions in your head.

Between small talk, split bills and half-kiss-half-hug goodbyes, its textbook play, and the results are usually the same. Yes, we all have that one friend who met someone on Tinder and now they are married with a baby on the way, but more often than not a Tinder date does not inspire you to update your wedding board on Pinterest.

That's not to say the people you're meeting are duds, they're just not the right match for you, and according to new research, that's to be expected. A study in the Psychological Science journal found that even the most educated dating-app algorithm is basically ineffective when it comes to predicting romantic compatibility. The study had participants answer over 100 questions about their preference of personality traits in a partner, then embark on a series of four-minute speed dates with the opposite sex. The participants then graded each interaction based on their level of interest and sexual attraction.

Meanwhile, the authors used an advanced algorithm to predict the outcomes of each couple based off the initial questionnaire, and to say they failed miserably would be an understatement. They could not identify one single pattern that could potentially predict which two people would match romantically. The study found that while the questionnaire did serve to narrow the dating pool, they could only predict a couple's compatibility after the speed dates.

It looks like you will still have to be slugging yourself off the couch to go on those dates, just don't hold your breath about swiping right on Prince Charming anytime soon. 

Stuck in a cycle of bad Tinder dates? Science says it’s not your fault (фото 1)

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