If you've walked through the streets of Spain, you may have noticed signs like General Francisco Franco, José Millán Astray, José Enrique Varela or attorney Adolfo Muñoz Alonso - all in honour of fascist leaders back in the General Franco-ruled time.

But after a 2007 vote, street names in Spain will be retitled after women, following the criticism that a staggering 90% of streets in Spanish towns are named after males. The newly-named streets will soon honour influential female figures including Frida Kahlo, Rosa Parks, Angela Ruiz Robles and Jane Austen.

And it's not just Spain who has a gender imbalance amongst their streets. According to a recent BBC report, Rome has only 3.5% of streets with a female name and in Paris it's less than 3%.

Spain to rename its most fascist street names after famous women