Space just got a style upgrade thanks to Elon Musk

Space just got a style upgrade thanks to Elon Musk

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Elon Musk, charismatic boss of revolutionary space company SpaceX, has posted the first official photo of the SpaceX astronaut suit on Insta

Space age fashion has always been a popular theme for designers when they're feeling futuristic, case in point Chanel's space-themed Fall/Winter 2017 show, which even had a rocket ship. And so it follows that the coolest, most revolutionary private space program on Earth wouldn't want their astronauts looking anything but out-of-this-world incredible.

Say hello to the future of space fashion, the SpaceX space suit:

SpaceX space suit @elonmusk

The slick suit was posted on the 'Gram by Elon Musk, the dynamic head honcho of SpaceX, with a note that the space suit, "actually works (not a mock up). Already tested to double vacuum pressure."

The space suit will presumably be worn by SpaceX astronauts in SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft, the ship they've designed to carry crew beyond our atmosphere.

And while so far SpaceX missions have included resupplying cargo to the International Space Station and satellite launches, they're slated to start carrying crew as part of NASA's Commercial Crew Program from as early as next year.

With SpaceX's "ultimate goal", according to their website, of turning space travel into a regular Star Trek-style occurrence to "enable people to live on other planets," at least we know if we do head out into the great beyond we won't have to don a hideously unflattering one-piece lycra number à la Dr Spock thanks to Elon Musk and his fashion-forward team at SpaceX.

Space just got a style upgrade thanks to Elon Musk (фото 1)

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