The work of Melbourne-based photographer Brooke Holm, the series of photographs is so skilfully rendered that it almost sends a shiver down your spine. Captured during Holm's recent adventure to the Arctic Circle, they bring to light the fragility, beauty and isolation of this largely untraversed part of the world and, Holme hopes, will reveal the need to preserve the Arctic's incredible landscapes from the potentially devastating impact of climate change.

Sheer beauty: the breathtaking Arctic photography exhibition opening this week

Holm is a seriously skilled fine art photographer whose landscapes, still life and architecture shots are sought after around the country - so don't expect this series to last long after opening night. Known for her expert capturing of mood and light, her works are as distinctive as they are timeless.

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The exhibition takes place from this Saturday, August 8 until September 27 at Koskela in Sydney's Rosebery. The public are invited to the official opening from 2:30pm to 3:30pm this Saturday afternoon, for a chance to meet the artist and hear about her experience in the Arctic. The limited edition works are available from Koskela or through the artist's website.

Arctic, from August 8 to September 27 at Koskela, 1/85 Dunning Ave, Rosebery, NSW. 

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