Science confirms what we all knew about adolescence

Science confirms what we all knew about adolescence

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Being or acting like a teen well into your twenties with zero ‘grown up’ responsibilities like owning a house, car or even having a job is now the norm according to science

A recent article published in medical journal The Lancet on child and adolescent health argues that adolescence (the part between a kid and being a grown up) should no longer be considered the phase between ages 10 and 19 but should go all the way up to 24 years because basically no one wants to grow up.

Kids today are pretty much all Peter Pan-types with no plans for getting involved with any adult-type activities like owning a home or even moving out of their parents home.

Which kind of makes sense, who would take on a massive amount of debt when the other option is to live rent and responsibility free at your family's abode? No one.

The article adds that the, "...delayed timing of role transitions, including completion of education, marriage and parenthood," means we should shift when we consider adolescence over and adulthood (ie taking responsibility for our selves) begins.  Which is great news for anyone currently coming up through the teen ranks: the pressure's off, there's now an extra five years available to enjoy low-to-no responsibility.

However... we're pretty sure the parents of kids who would fall into this proposed endless teenagedom won't be on board at all. An extra five years supporting their kids seems like a financial prison term.

And as far as what this longer teen hood means for the ugly side effects of being an adolescent like hectic hormonal acne and the awkward voice breaking stage, fingers crossed those won't also continue until the birthday candle count reaches 25.

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