It seems Russians are taking their tobacco-prevention very seriously lately, with the proposal of a new law to eliminate smoking entirely for their future generation. According to Gizmodo, the Russian lawmakers are banning anyone born after 2015 from buying cigarettes, in hopes to stop future gen's picking up the habit. This means it would essentially go into effect in 2033, when the now babies turn eighteen years old (which is the legal age to purchase cigarettes). In fact, the Russian are trying to stamp it out so radically, that it will become considered just as bad as buying illegal drugs.

Putin's new attempt to cut down on smoking comes from Russia being named one of the highest rated smoking countries' in the world. The end goal is to decrease the smoking rate is by 25% by 2025, and then to continue to lower the rate further as the years go on.

Whilst it hasn't been given the green light just yet, let's see if this will start a continuous domino effect from countries all over the world. 

Russia proposes one of the world’s strictest smoking bans ever