Royal wedding invitations are in the post!

Royal wedding invitations are in the post!

One question: you got our change of address, right?

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Guests can start waiting by their letterboxes to catch a real life glimpse of the elegant gilded invitations.

We're not the authority on royal protocol, but isn't it a faux pas to send out wedding invitations less than two months before the big event? Flights have to be booked, hats need to be special ordered, the perfect wedding frock selected. And don't they need to know how many beef or fish dishes to order from the caterers? But if you're in the royal inner circle, we suppose you were on it the minute the May 19 wedding date was announced and the invitation is just a formality.

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Kensington Palace just posted the first pictures of the Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding invitations and they're everything we ever dreamed. The three-feathered badge of the Prince of Wales is printed in gold ink, the script elegant, the card stock satin-y and pleasantly heavy.

The cards were handmade on a die stamping machine from the 1930s. There's even a video of apprentice Lottie Small printing the invitations and looking pretty relaxed considering the enormity of her task. What if she printed 600 invitations with the 'H' missing in Meghan's name? #worknightmare

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We can't wait to see it in person when ours arrives in the post.

Six hundred of these pretty puppies are winging their way to guests around the world. The ceremony and luncheon will be hosted by the Queen at St. George's Hall at Windsor Castle. In the evening, guest numbers will be whittled down to a lucky 200 who will go to the private reception hosted by Prince Charles at Frogmore House on the castle grounds.  

The bridal party hasn't been officially named, but we tip Charlotte and George for flower girl and ring bearer. 

Royal wedding invitations are in the post! (фото 3)

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