The people in Paris are doing something CRAZY

The people in Paris are doing something CRAZY

Flower power

Text: Lucie Clark

Public peeing is apparently a big issue in the City of Lights and in a classic chic Parisian twist, they’re investing in kerbside flower growing urinals to reduce the problem in style

Cleaning up after a night of people using the streets as their personal after dark commode costs city councils around the world a ton of tax-payer dollars not to mention the stench which greets early risers pre-council clean up. Other cities have tackled the problem with various methods like retractable toilets (Amsterdam) and special paint that splashes pee back on the urinator (San Francisco) but trust the capital of couture to come up with the chicest solution to scrubbing the pavements yet: the Uritrottoir.

This eco-friendly "loo" resembles a large box with pretty flowers growing out the top. The base is filled with straw which stores the pee until it's full (the level is monitored remotely via computer), when the straw is removed, taken to the outer suburbs of Paris and turned into compost which, in a green thumbed turn, can then be used in public gardens and parks.

The Utritrottoir. Image:

Designed by Nantes-based industrial design firm, Faltazi, the Uritrottoir also boasts graffiti-proof paint and doesn't use any water, making it a friend to the environment. According to The New York Times, Paris railway station, Gare de Lyon, has ordered two of the toilets which have already been installed and France's rail authority plans to roll out more across Paris if the flower filled pee boxes are successful.

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