In news that will send a wave of relief over everyone that has a salty or sugary stash in their desk: it's hard to resist junk food when you're tired.

More specifically, a recent study conducted by US researcher Erin Hanlon, suggests that sleep-deprived people have 33% higher levels of endocannabinoid 1-AG, a chemical that increases the pleasure felt when eating junk food (sweet/salty, high-fat snacks) than normal, well-rested people.

"We know that marijuana activates the endocannabinoid system and causes people to overeat when they are not hungry, and they normally eat yummy sweet and fatty foods," Hanlon explained. "Sleep restriction may cause overeating in the same manner." Hallelujah! Our secret snack shame is just because we're high! Kind of.

No sleep? Your 3pm snack game is cos you’re kinda stoned