Refinery29 reports that what actually matters for a relationship to work according to Dr Jessica O'Reilly, creator of Sex with Dr Jess podcast is, "...How you talk to each other, how you're kind to one another, how you reach out to one another, how you respond to one another, how you invest in the relationship." Which is great news for anyone who thought the 'meeting' story was an essential key to the entire relationship.

And really with a massive Hollywood genre dedicated to rom-coms based around the 'meet-cute' is it any wonder we set so many of our relationship expectations on having a great meeting story?

All the best rom-coms from both the big and small screen like the Cameron Diaz/Jude Law/Kate Winslet/Jack Black massive hit The Holiday to hugely popular TV shows like How I Met Your Mother to classic love stories like Romeo and Juliet are all about the tale of that first encounter. And note none of those encounters involve a smartphone app.

But thanks to this expert advice from Dr O'Reilly you can retire the 'we met online so it'll never last' line and be proud to intro your nice new lover to your fam and friends regardless of whether you met online or IRL. 

Meeting on Tinder IS a legit way to start a relationship