McDonald’s just solved all of your hangover woes

McDonald’s just solved all of your hangover woes

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Text: Yeong Sassall

Now you can have your bacon and egg McMuffin and wear it too

UGH. The weekend struggle can be so real.  How many times have you rolled into Maccas (probably hungover) jonesing for a Bacon and Egg McMuffin, only to be told "Sorry ma'am we're not serving breakfast anymore, we're on the lunch menu." You sigh, confused. "It can't be that late, right?" You look at the clock and it's 10.45am. Breakfast time. But alas, Ronald is an early riser and it's a quarter past muffin time in McDonaldland.  As if it wasn't hard enough to even get dressed into something you felt comfortable in in the first place.

Well, hold on to your hotcakes! Because, coming to your rescue at one of 950 restaurants nationwide, just in time for tomorrow's hangover, Maccy Ds has officially launched all-day-breakfast. On top of that, the golden arches, in collaboration with Sydney designer Emma Mulholland, has also just dropped it's debut fashion collection to celebrate the move. Called Breakkie Wear, the capsule collection is inspired by the Hamburgler's signature stripes and designed for all-day lounging. Combine these two things with the home delivery service a select McDonald's restaurant offer and you've got yourself a good time. Or at least better one; where's the Berocca McSlurpee, Ronald?

McDonald’s just solved all of your hangover woes (фото 1)

The Australian-made collection is on sale now on the McDonald's Ebay store and all proceeds will be going to  Ronald McDonald House. So not only can you  feel good about your charitable decisions, off-setting the bad ones you might have made the night before, but also, comfortable. Because, really - who hasn't had their own Michael Douglas in Falling Down moment. 

McDonald’s just solved all of your hangover woes (фото 2)


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