Maria Sharapova’s surprising post-tennis career move

Maria Sharapova’s surprising post-tennis career move


Text: Yeong Sassall

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Don’t feel too sorry for Maria Sharapova amid her doping scandal – the tennis player still has a leg up when it comes to other aspects of her life

Russian tennis pro Maria Sharapova, fresh from a two-year ban from the professional circuit, has just proven that she's not exactly as hard done by as she claims. Despite testing positive for the banned substance meldonium on January 26 and losing the right to play tennis, she's still got opportunities many of us would only dream of. In bizarre-ish news that broke this morning via Sharapova's Facebook page, the former highest paid woman in sport revealed she's just enrolled in Harvard Business School.

That's right. The professional athlete who failed a drug test is now headed to America's most prestigious Ivy league college. "Not sure how this happened," says Sharapova in the post, next to a photo of her looking incredulous. Sharapova is booked in for a two-week summer course and no one is really sure what qualification, if any, she will walk away with. But we're sure it's a nice addition to her resumé.  

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