LOVE WINS! The same-sex marriage vote by the numbers

LOVE WINS! The same-sex marriage vote by the numbers


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Love always wins: 61.6% voted in favour of same-sex marriage in Australia

Australia is on the right side of history, with the majority voting yes in the $122 million same-sex marriage survey. Never has it been more fitting or appropriate to scream the words 'YASSS QUEEN!' at the top of your lungs. The final participation rate of the survey accounted for 79.5% of eligible voters. Out of 12.7 million votes, 61.6% (7,817,247) were returned in favour of same-sex marriage, with 38.4% (4,873,987) voting against.

Nationally, every state had a yes majority of over 60%, with the exception of NSW who had 57.8% in favour of the yes vote. The ACT had the highest percentage of yes votes, with 70.4% of voters voting in favour of same-sex marriage.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics

All age groups had higher than 70% participation. Surprisingly, depsite a huge yes campaign targeted at young voters, those aged 70 - 74 were the most likely to respond to the survey with 89.6% in this bracket participating. This was closely followed by those aged 18 - 19 who had 78.2% participation (the highest group to participate than any other group under the age of 45). The participation rate was lowest in those aged 25 - 29 at 71.9%.

Women were more likely to participate than men, with 81.6% of eligible voters being female compared to 77.3% male participation.  There were 36,686 votes which were deemed unclear and therefore ineligible. This accounted for 0.2% of votes (likely to be from all you heart drawing and phallic inspired artists out there).

Of course, this was a non-binding survey, meaning the results alone are not conclusive to changing the marriage laws in Australia. It is now up to the Federal Parliament to take the results of the survey and debate the change in legislation. Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull has said that he wants same-sex marriage to be legalised in Australia by Christmas - the processes could assume as early as Thursday with the presentation of bills to the Senate.

Although the results are non-binding, this is a huge step in the equality movement within Australia. Love always wins.


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