God we've missed the dreamy sounds of Lana Del Rey. After what seems like an eternal hiatus, the singer has returned with a brand new single from her fourth-coming album, called 'Love'. The classic-sounding Del Rey tune has already skyrocketed to no.1 on the Billboard charts, had over 1 million views on Youtube, and is naturally trending on Twitter. 

This is the first glimpse of the artist since her Honeymoon album in 2015; however she did have a brief interlude with The Weeknd for 'Starboy'.

"Look at you kids with your vintage music / Coming through satellites while cruising / You're part of the past, but no, you're the future," Del Rey sings on the new retro-vibe track. "It's enough just to make you feel crazy, crazy, crazy sometimes."

Listen to Del Rey's new single below (and prepare the tissues):

LISTEN: Lana Del Rey releases her new single ‘Love’