Kim Kardashian makes her next saintly move

Kim Kardashian makes her next saintly move

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Kim Kardashian gets stuck into the Wall Street Journal in a move that surprises everyone

If you thought Kim Kardashian was all about see-through dresses and Yeezy boots lately - think again. The world's most photographed woman is more than just Kanye wife, North and Saint's mum and Kendall and Kylie's big sis. As she so publicly reminded us last year when she visited Armenia, she's also an avid political campaigner for the Armenian genocide of 1915-16. And she's not afraid to show it, recently taking out a full-page ad in The New York Times to blast The Wall Street Journal for publishing an ad in April, which effectively denies the genocide even took place. Er, ok, we hear you say.

Kim Kardashian makes her next saintly move (фото 1)

The Don Draper-esque move, published in Saturday's NYT acknowledges the hefty amount of "BS in the press" but calls out the WSJ for taking a "provocative stance" and actively spreading lies. "For the Wall Street Journal to publish something like this is reckless, upsetting and dangerous," she writes. "It's one thing when a crappy tabloid profits from a made-up scandal, but for a trusted publication like WSJ to profit from genocide - it's shameful and unacceptable." Kim K the saint strikes again.

Here's a snapshot of the ad:

Already, she's tweeted the ad out to her 48 million followers, whio have dutifully liked the image. We wonder how many of them actually 'get it' though?

Kim Kardashian makes her next saintly move (фото 2)

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