Do some pet owners people have too much time on their hands? Probably, but that hasn't stopped us feeling all warm, fuzzy and frankly amazed with one man's epic commitment to his pet tortoise. This guy has so much love for his reptilian friend that's he recreated a miniature version of the dinosaur enclosure first made famous by the 1993 film Jurassic Park. In case you were wondering, key features include a pool, visitor's centre and those iconic Jurassic Park gates. 

Captured in full technicolour glory (complete with the Jurassic Park theme song playing in the background), watch as Oliver Turpin's leopard tortoise Louie nonchalantly chews on grass inside his mini home. While we don't think Louie can fully appreciate the likeness of his new playground to the actual film, we're sure somewhere deep in his tortoise brain he's pretending to be a T. Rex and chasing a terrified Jeff Goldblum around an abandoned dinosaur park. 

Reptile heaven: the Jurassic Park playground for a pet tortoise