The First Daughter isn't having a good retail run. Having made her business selling clothes, shoes, accessories and products targeted at working mums she assumed the natural extension would be to write a book about the steps for working mums to succeed. Unfortunately, since her Dad stepped into the Oval Office a number of high profile stores like Nordstrom have dropped Ivanka's brand (apparently it wasn't selling) and her book has also proved joke-worthy to the book club crew.

In a hilarious, but harmless prank, a prominent display of her bookWomen Who Work, in mammoth US bookseller, Barnes & Noble in Long Beach, Calif. was recently rearranged to look like this:

Ivanka Trump book. Image @RyanNewYork

No one initially claimed responsibility for this random act of comedy gold but according to The Cut a librarian, Chloé Pascual, has since put her hand up as the culprit saying, "I was acting in my role as a cheeky bookstore customer." 

Ivanka Trump’s book display was rearranged to hilarious results