Isabella Manfredi exposes sexual harassment in the music industry

Isabella Manfredi exposes sexual harassment in the music industry


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Isabella Manfredi’s #MeToo social media posts details her brazen experiences with sexual harassment in the music industry

You may have noticed that scrolling through social media these past few days has been a particularly sombre and eye-opening ordeal with the words "Me too" appearing in disappointing regularity. While the #MeToo bandwagon is an extremely unpleasant ride to be a part of, the amount of celebrities and close friends speaking up is bringing to light the very real presence sexual harassment in society and the obvious need for change. The film industry been exposed, the modelling industry has been exposed, and now fierce frontwoman of Australian band The Preatures, Isabella Manfredi, has come forward detailing her personal experiences with gender-specific sexual harassment in the music industry.

Over a series of lengthy Instagram posts the singer (and Lagerfeld muse) wrote: "My heart has been breaking for all the women who have had to deal with Harvey Weinstein's total degradation of their talent, drive and worth as artists and human beings over the course of his career. Of course this sickness is not confined to the film industry. Perhaps the greatest clarity this unfolding story has given me is some perspective on my own experiences in the music industry, mostly in, but not confined to, America."

Manfredi then detailed extremely personal experiences where she was groped by booking agents and attempted seduction from label executives. "There was the touchy feely US booking agent whose behaviour became so inappropriate that the boys told our manager to keep him away from me (I felt embarrassed to do this myself)," she wrote.

"Or the New York Indie label head I had met through mutual friends in Australia who, after telling me he loved my band and songwriting, invited me to what I thought was a friendly business dinner with some publishing friends of his (He knew I had a boyfriend)... Later, in a cab on our way to the next venue with another friend of his, he suggested we go back to my hotel and have a bath together. When I refused, politely and then firmly, he said my band was a joke."

In the second post, Manfredi explains why she has spoken out. "This IS only the tip of the iceberg and I know there's more to share here. I don't want the next generation of women coming up in the music industry to face this kind of morally ambiguous, second-guess-yourself crap," Manfredi writes.

You can read the singers' full posts here

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