Is Claire Danes quitting acting for art?

Is Claire Danes quitting acting for art?

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Text: Anna McClelland

The Golden Globe winning actress is about to take on a very different role

Claire Danes has just been announced as the host of season eight of Art in the 21st Century, a US TV show that screens on PBS. It's the first time the award-winning series has had a celebrity host (although Steve Martin and Isabella Rossellini have cameoed in previous seasons) and it's certainly an unexpected move from Danes.

The actress explains her decision in the show's press release: "Growing up in a family where art was a part of everyday life, my parents taught me to question the world around me. Artists today influence how we see the world, how we express ourselves, and how art can transform society."

Does Danes' new role signal a departure from the acting world entirely? Let's hope not - we're not willing to say goodbye to Carrie Mathison just yet (side note for the Homeland fans - season six airs this September).

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