Drugs tests from the International Olympic Committee reveal that 31 athletes who participated in the Beijing Olympics have tested positive for doping. The athletes, who hail from 12 different countries, had their Beijing samples re-tested and were found to contain banned substances thanks to advanced analysis methods. It is possible they may be banned from competing in the Rio Olympic Games this year.

The IOC analysed 454 samples from Beijing's 2008 games. It is expected that they will turn to samples taken from the 2014 Sochi Winter Games and 2012 London Games next. The IOC stores samples from competing athletes for 10 years, in case they need to be re-analysed. Out of the 31 athletes who tested positive, 14 were Russian, which spells more bad news for the Russian team, who have been at the centre of doping and bribery allegations. Olympic high jump champion Anna Chicherova is one of the 14 Russians who has allegedly tested positive.

The IOC discovers 31 drug cheats ahead of Rio 2016