The Walter Van Beirendonck collab no-one saw coming

The Walter Van Beirendonck collab no-one saw coming

From Sex Clown to sofas?

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He's the provocative Belgian designer who isn't afraid to break boundaries

Walter Van Beirendonck, the man behind a clothing collection notoriously titled Sex Clown, is the designer of choice for none other than Ikea. The family-friendly mass furniture retailer has invited him to design five prints to appear across their homewares ranges, with a release date of June 2016.

"We were really looking forward to collaboration with Walter as his way of using materials and graphic patterns is fascinating to seeThe same goes for the stories his fashion collections tell about life itself," Ikea head designer Marcus Engman told Retail Detail.

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The Walter Van Beirendonck collab no-one saw coming (фото 1)

Van Beirendonck has already started work on the five designs, using the Flemish word for beautiful - Wondermooi - as his starting point. "I came up with a story about characters living in the clouds," he says. "And that story, in fact, became a story with different characters and also by the end, different patterns. Every character had a very specific pattern and specific look; I used this to create different ranges of prints and fabrics."

It's all sounding very G-rated so far. Check out the below video for more. 

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