If you had to choose, what would it be: your phone or your partner?

If you had to choose, what would it be: your phone or your partner?


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Q: If you had to choose your phone or partner to save from falling over a cliff, which would it be? Most peoples honest answer is terrifying…

To be fair, it's with you 24/7, commands undivided attention and knows everything about you - so really is it surprising that your smartphone is the best "relationship" in your life? That small hand held piece of electronic equipment has pretty much become as essential to life as air, water and food. However, it turns out that's not best practice for having actual relationships with other human beings.

Now for some scary stats: according to a recent global consumer survey, more than 40 per cent of consumers surveyed check their phones within five minutes of waking up - so that person sharing the king size with you? Zero interaction. After kicking off the day with our best bud the smartphone we then continue to check in with our phones a solid 47 times a day or if we're 18 to 24 years old, 82 times a day. Come lights out a third of the consumers surveyed said they check their devices five minutes before going to sleep and about half are waking up in the middle of the night to get some more quality time in with their phone.

Doing the maths, all that devotion to one small device instead of paying attention to your significant other can cause the relationship fire to die out. There's even a term for picking your phone over your partner "phubbing" - a combo of phone and snubbing. In a study published in the Psychology of Popular Media Culture last year, 70 per cent of women said smartphones were negatively impacting their main relationship. Which makes sense, no one wants to feel like a rectangle of wire and metal  is more interesting/better to look at than they are. For the sake of love, it might be about time to establish some ground rules around the third "person" in relationships, #digitaldetox.

If you had to choose, what would it be: your phone or your partner? (фото 1)

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