How sex can make you a better worker

How sex can make you a better worker


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Hate your job? Have trouble concentrating?

Then perhaps you need to go home and have sex with your partner. That's the crux of a new study, 'From the Bedroom to the Office', published in the Journal of Management. According to the findings, you're going to enjoy your job more and find it easier to concentrate if you're getting laid. While we know a happy, healthy sex life puts the spring in anyone's step (who can blame them?), the study found that sexual activity had a significant impact on your work life - particularly in the 24 hours post-coitus.

Based on a group of 159 married workers, the study surveyed them over a two week period, finding that people who had more sex reported a more positive mood the next day at work. While it doesn't take a dummy to figure that a happy person will be happier at work, the benefits of a little horizontal mambo also led to increased "daily job satisfaction and daily job engagement as a function of [the] increased positive affect." Good times.

As we all know, sex releases feel good endorphins like dopamine and oxytocin - but interestingly, the positive effects of sex on work life were reported, "independent of the effects of marital satisfaction" too. So make-up sex? Totally counts. We guess that just reinforces one thing most adults know by now: sex makes everything better, including your s**tty job. 

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