Hot Mug Shot Guy is out of prison; coming to a billboard near you


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Jeremy Meeks, aka Hot Mug Shot Guy, is fresh out of incarceration and ready to make your heart flutter

Remember this guy? Jeremy Meeks - the 32 year old crim whose sexy 2014 mugshot sent hot-blooded women of the interwebs into a spin not seen since Ryan Gosling's pre-daddy days - is out. And ladies, has he been gearing up for you. After his 24 month stint in jail (for illegal possession of a firearm), the felon with the startling blue-eyed stare has already signed to Victoria's Secret model Taylor Hill's agent Jim Jordan and - get this - has 128,000 Instagram followers (@jmeeksofficial). We kid you not.

In fact the power of his pretty face is so powerful, according to Jordan, Meeks is already courting modelling offers from the world's "top five designers" and has "huge plans" to capitalise on the overnight success of his police mugshot. If you can cast your mind back to 2014, the image was posted to Facebook by the Stockton Police Department where instead of highlighting the crime, the 'Hot Convict' pic immediately went viral for all the wrong (superficial) reasons. "I'm not some kingpin...I appreciate (the attention), but I just want them to know that this really is not me," Meeks told ABC at the time. That certainly didn't stop the memes from flowing forth:

Hot Mug Shot Guy is out of prison; coming to a billboard near you (фото 1)

Let it be said that this is definitely not the last you're going to see of this married father of three. "A lot is about to happen," says Jordan. "We don't want to announce it at the moment, but we have some incredible stuff coming that will blow everyone away." According to reports, "there's movies on the table" and Meeks was busy doing 500 sit ups and 500 push ups every day in anticipation of his release. (To be fair, the dude was in prison - what else did he have to do?)

The hype doesn't stop there. "Jeremy has piercing grey-blue eyes, they're shaped like almonds and he has a beautiful bone structure. He's 6-feet-1-inches tall, which is the perfect height for a male model and he has an incredible body," gushed Jordan. While we can't argue there, we're keen to see who will be the first to bite - the fashion industry or Hollywood.

As for the happily married Meeks? He's just flattered by the attention. "I want to thank my family and everybody for all your love, support and prayers," he wrote on his Instagram. "I'm overwhelmed and grateful for what lies ahead. I'm ready." Luckily, so is the internet. Watch this space for updates...

Hot Mug Shot Guy is out of prison; coming to a billboard near you (фото 2)

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