According to a new survey conducted by the National Centre for Social Research in Britain, Gen-Z teens, (those born after the millennials from the mid-90s to early-00s) have far less interest in smoking and drinking then the generations before. The findings shoe that less than five percent of adolescents aged between eight and fifteen have smoked, (down by three-quarters since 2003) with only seventeen per cent admitting to trying alcohol - a rate that is down by two-thirds in the same time frame.

"Changes in technology and society mean that teenagers in particular spend their time in a very different way compared to teenagers 15 years ago," explained Gillian Prior, the head of health at the National Centre for Social Research who also suggested that the reduced rate could be attributed to the raised rlegal age for buying tobacco in Britain from 16 to 18 and stricter laws on selling cigarettes to under-18s.

High on life: teens are drinking and smoking less than ever