Hey boys, eating this will make you sexier

Hey boys, eating this will make you sexier

Hint: It’s not pizza

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Gents, it’s time to make friends with salad (vegetable and fruit based), science says eating leafy greens and sweet berries makes you smell so much sexier to the ladies

It really is true that we are what we eat, at least so far as how those foods make us smell post meal. And if you're hoping to smell alluring to the opposite sex then the best foods to chow down on, according to science, are fruits and vegetables.

A recent study conducted by psychologist Dr Ian Stephen at Macquarie University here in Sydney found that men who hit the vegetables and fruit hard smell more attractive to women. Writing in the Evolution and Human Behavior journal, Stephen and his study co-authors said, "...greater fruit and vegetable intake was significantly associated with more pleasant smelling sweat (with more floral, fruity, sweet and medicinal qualities)... Dietary data revealed that fat, meat, egg and tofu intake was also associated with more pleasant smelling sweat, and greater carbohydrate intake with stronger smelling less pleasant sweat."

Just how Stephen and his colleagues figured this whole sweet smell of sweat out is a interesting tale. Males provided diet information and sweat samples (basically sweaty clothes after exercising) and a bunch of brave women then smelt the 'BO' samples. The samples that didn't make them gag came from the fruit and vege eaters in the group.

Why Stephen's thinks this might be comes down to basic evolution, "Human body odour may provide information to aid mate choice and two functions in this regard have been suggested... The first concerns inbreeding avoidance and the second the health status of a potential mate." Translation? A healthy diet has been associated since cave man times with longer life and better health, it follows then that women will find a potential partner a lot more attractive if they smell like they're going to be around in the future, not just the next five-to-seven minutes.

So gents if you're looking for love or even just a little attention, take a hard pass on the lasagne and get involved with the green leafed salad option.

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