Have you used Tinder? Then you should read this

Have you used Tinder? Then you should read this

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Are you a Tinder user? A new study says it spells bad news for your self esteem

Anyone using the dating app Tinder will know that appearance plays a HUGE role in whether you find someone dateable or not. Swiping left or right might be brutal at times, but it's sure as hell efficient. But what effect does the profile and photo-based app have on the self-esteem of its users?

A great deal, says a new study released by the University of North Texas. According to the research, Tinder users were less satisfied with their bodies and more likely to monitor their appearance than people who didn't use the app. And sorry guys, this goes for both men and women. The study was taken on a bunch of college-age American students with an average age of 20 - so the findings aren't entirely surprising. Weren't we all a bit peak judgemental/confused at that age?

While it's easy enough to presume that single people are going to have more concern about their appearance than someone in a steady, loving relationship; the study results mirror research undertaken on other social media sites. Facebook studies have highlighted how using the platform can be linked to an increased obsession with appearance and being thin. And with Tinder being so new (launching in 2012), there's been little research on its social and psychological effects. We expect that won't be the case for long.

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