Guess who’s coming to dinner? Win a date with Leo and Kate

Guess who’s coming to dinner? Win a date with Leo and Kate

I'm flying Jack

Text: Ros Brennan

Calling all Titanic fans! It’s been 20 years since the classic biopic sparkled across our screens, and Leo is offering one lucky bidder the dining experience of a lifetime

Films come and go, but there are a select few which wedge a place into our cinematic hearts. James Cameron's 1997 blockbuster Titanic is certainly one of them.

Who could forget those thrilling moments were Rose and Jack first laid eyes on each other, setting the wheels in motion for a covert affair and a string of lustful encounters: when he draws her in her dressing room, the steamy tryst in the back of a car and infamous 'I'm flying Jack' moment.

It had all the trimmings of blossoming young love, lust and adventure, and the audience went along for the ride with them. Twenty years after the fact, you can still feel its emotional ripples. 

In celebration of the film's 20th anniversary (I know, we feel old too), Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet will grant one lucky fan the chance to dine with Jack and Rose.

In true philanthropic Leo style, the actor will auction off the private dinner as part of his foundation's annual St. Tropez charity auction. The dinner will take place in autumn at a New York restaurant of the winning bidder's choosing. Proceeds will go toward the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and a GoFundMe campaign to help a British mother who is having difficulties paying for her cancer treatments.

Last year, the actor raised $45 million dollars for his environmental foundation at the glitzy gala, which featured Chris Rock, Kate Hudson, Bradley Cooper, and Tobey Maguire as guests. His upcoming dinner date with Winslet will surely be one of the night's most prized bids. 

Guess who’s coming to dinner? Win a date with Leo and Kate (фото 1)

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