Guess who just bought the Playboy Mansion?

Guess who just bought the Playboy Mansion?


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The ultimate bachelor pad has sold for a whopping $100 million - and the new owner gets Hugh Hefner thrown in with the deal

Daren 'Twinkie King' Metropoulos, the 32-year-old owner of Twinkies and son of private equity tycoon C. Dean Metropoulos, is the proud new owner of the infamous Playboy Mansion, which he says he bought - wait for it - for its 1920s-era architecture. It had nothing to do with its Playboy bunny associations, you guys.

The weird thing is, Metropoulos already lives in the $18-million mansion next door (we're guessing he jumped the fence and crashed more than one Playboy party), and even weirder - as part of the sale, he isn't allowed to actually move into his new home until its current 'tenant', 90-year-old Hefner, dies.

The Playboy Mansion, which was originally put on the market with a $200-million asking price, boasts 12 bedrooms, a wine cellar, home theatre, gym, tennis courts, pool with waterfall and "a large, cave-like grotto", plus an official zoo license and a pet cemetery. 

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