She may be one of the biggest models in the world right now, but she's also managed to squeeze in another job title to her coveted resume: fashion photographer.

The Victoria's Secret model and fashion week regular is stepping behind the lens to shoot the latest summer issue for V Magazine. The fashion magazine confirmed on their Instagram account today with an allusive video of Gigi holding a camera (go figures), saying: "Yes, it's actually happening- V staffer Gigi Hadid's secret photo project is in the works and will be in the summer issue of vmagazine arriving May 1st! Tune in to in the coming weeks to see how it all progresses."

During an interview for The Daily Front Row, Gigi explains how she was inspired by her mum who use to always take pictures of her. "During her time as a model, she was always shooting her own stuff. She has some amazing behind-the-scenes photography of travelling the world. When she quit modelling when Bella and I were born, there was a camera around all the time. We were always being photographed, and we could always play with our mom's camera."

Hadid also spoke of how the hobby of photography grew into a mini business when she was 14. "I was a competitive horseback rider, and starting at 14 or 15, in between my competitions, I would take pictures of my friends' horses and sell them for $10. I would print them myself. I loved it. I used to have It's now just a locked web starter."

Why Gigi Hadid is taking the reigns as a photographer

While the details on the actual editorial are still slim, Page Six has reported the shoot will be "an intimate look at her private world" and include the likes of sister and fellow supermodel Bella Hadid, Olivier Rousteing, Tommy Hilfiger and Karl Lagerfeld.

Perhaps she's is taking note from her BFF Kendall Jenner, who's proactively been displaying her photography skills on Instagram for a while now. Or even Brooklyn Beckham, who shot Burberry's latest Brit fragrance campaign. And yes, he's only 18.

It was only last week when Hadid shared she shot boyfriend Zayne Malik's Versus Versace 2017 campaign, but now it she's  confirmed she's certainly taking her camera career to the next level. The V Magazine copy will be out May 1 - stay tuned! 

Why Gigi Hadid is taking the reigns as a photographer