Get ready to feel all the feels: ‘Humans of New York’ is getting a docuseries

Get ready to feel all the feels: ‘Humans of New York’ is getting a docuseries

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The 12-episode series will premiere on Facebook this week

The phrase 'A picture tells a thousand words' has never been truer than that of Brandon Stanton's blog Humans of New York. The photo blog features photographs of strangers on the streets of New York City, accompanied by considered and candid conversations with the subjects. The sometimes humorous, sometimes tear-jerking, and always incredibly moving posts have seen the Humans of New York Facebook page clock up over eighteen million followers since its inception in 2010.

Stanton revealed over the weekend that his Humans of New York blog will be getting the video treatment. Posting the one and a half minute trailer to the sites Facebook page, Stanton wrote: "Early on I realized that video would add a deeper layer to Humans of New York. At the heart of all these posts are the conversations themselves. I'm often deeply moved by the people I meet. Or they make me laugh. Or they make me think. And I always do my best to recreate the experience through photos and words. But I always knew that video would provide the closest thing to 'actually being there.'" 

The twelve episode docuseries will premiere on Facebook's new Watch platform this week and will feature the same style of interviews with strangers. The Hollywood Reporter report that the project begun filming four years ago, featuring over 400 days of footage and more than 1200 interviews. The project is executive produced by Oscar nominated documentary producer, Julie Goldman (Life, Animated and Weiner).

"My goal was not to make a television show based on Humans of New York. I wanted the television show to *be* Humans of New York," Stanton wrote in his Facebook post. Watch the moving trailer below. 

Get ready to feel all the feels: ‘Humans of New York’ is getting a docuseries (фото 1)

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