Barbie has been around a long time, since 1959 in fact, and like everything else she needs an overhaul every few years. Especially since for a long while instead of inspiring young women, Barbie represented the most unrealistic vision of what a lady could look and be like - the waist proportions alone were unattainable without losing a few ribs. Not to mention the level of perfection Barbie seemed to have in her "life" - from the Dream House to the hunky, doting boyfriend Ken - it required a serious reality check. Parents didn't want their kids to grow up believing that was the goal.

So a few years back Mattel, the maker of Barbie, added a slew of different looking Barbies in all shapes, sizes and colours to their collection along with a set of 'career' Barbies who had all sorts of 'you can be anything' jobs from astronaut to vet to rock star. Then last year Barbie's man friend, Ken, got a major makeover with the release of a collection of Ken dolls that reflect the times: dad bod Ken, man bun Ken to name a few.

And according to CNN Mattel is now taking Barbie to the next level launching a set of 'Inspiring Women' Barbies based on boundary-breaking real women including: artist Frida Kahlo, mathematician Katherine Johnson (who the movie Hidden Figures is about) and female aviator Amelia Earhart.

Inspiring Women Barbies. Image: Mattel

Along with the 'Inspiring Women' collection Mattel is also adding 14 new dolls to their 'Shero' (female heroes also based on real women) collection including Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins, US snowboarder Chloe Kim and our very own Bindi Irwin. Fantastic women we'd all like to hang out with - even if they are just pint-sized replicas made from plastic.

Shero Barbies. Image @chloekimsnow

Frida Kahlo, Patty Jenkins, Bindi Irwin: Barbie’s making dolls based on real women