The French have put a ban on WHAT now?!

The French have put a ban on WHAT now?!


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Formally known as the country of glamorously slim women, France are now fearing that half their nation is overweight

The days of endless soda fountains are officially illegal for the french. In a bid to stop obesity, France has banned unlimited refills of soft drinks to service in hotels, restaurants, or school cafeterias. The European country are dramatically cracking down on soft drinks in particularly, who have already implemented vending machines to be barred and a tax on fizzy drinks. 

France's Health Minister, Marisol Touraine, explained, "This habit is common in other countries and it is increasingly taking hold in France," she said. "I understand it can be attractive for young people who are offered unlimited sugary drinks, which contain an excessive amount of sugar or sweeteners." 

Although the French fear that half of their nation's adults are overweight, they're still drinking dramatically less than the United States. In a recent study, it showed Americans consume more than double as their French friends, according to The Telegraph.

The French are known as for their trend-setting and fashion forward ways, so let's see if this will set an example worldwide. 

The French have put a ban on WHAT now?! (фото 1)

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