Forbes says these influencers are making HOW much money?

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Forbes just released their very first top influencers list and the amounts these social stars are taking home will blow your mind

Social media is the millennial medium of choice and becoming a top "influencer" is the ultimate sign you've made it into the ranks of the elite cool kids culture club. But whether it's a 'career choice' that will make enough bank to cover the rent has always been kind of a taboo subject - because influencing is about authenticity, right? Not how many zeros are in your bank account... Or is it? For the first time, Forbes has released a Top Influencers list, which they are planning to publish every quarter ranking the top ten social stars from key categories like beauty, fitness, fashion, tech etc.

For their inaugural list Forbes ranks the top ten from the fitness, beauty and home sectors and kicks of with some mind blowing dollar signs - take Aussie-born fitness queen Kayla Itsines for example, who tops the fitness category with $17 million in revenue in 2016. Now that is some serious bank.

Scroll through the gallery for the top three influencers from fitness, beauty and home according to the Forbes list.

The full list can be found here.

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