Fancy a FREE photography diploma from Harvard?

Fancy a FREE photography diploma from Harvard?

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Are you a budding photographer in next of some more serious cred?

If you thought an Ivy League education was out of the question (Oh hey, US$43,000 a year tuition fees) - think again. Highly esteemed American university Harvard seems to be on a mission to educate everyone in one of the world's most widely used art forms: photography. That's right, the oldest college in America is offering free online photography diplomas to, well, anyone with a Wi-Fi connection. Neat, huh?

If you want a crash course in digital photography (a vital skill to have in 2017), all you have to do is head to Harvard's online learning portal ALISON to start your 10-15 hour course. With 13 modules to get through, you'll learn how to use a digital camera and be taught about lighting, exposure and software tools. To score a diploma at the end, you need to complete all modules and score at least  80% in each course assessment. And once you're done? You can even print off your diploma at home.

Sounds like the easiest uni course we've ever done. Head to to get started.

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