Even in the animal kingdom accessories are key to scoring a date

Even in the animal kingdom accessories are key to scoring a date

Tinder for dolphins

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When it comes to finding a date, male dolphins can’t rely on Tinder (for obvious reasons) so they’re going old school and accessorising with “hats” designed to catch their special lady’s eye

Showing off as a way to pick up the apple of your eye or even garner just a tiny sliver of attention has been around as a dating tactic since the dark ages. Even in the schoolyard boys are constantly looking for the next, more dangerous trick to "perform" on the swings and slide to get the attention of the opposite sex. So it doesn't come as a huge surprise that while we've moved onto letting technology be our showing off platform via heavily edited, perfectly lit selfies (if your dating profile pic is even actually you) and a witty, glowing, over-achieving list of personal attributes (really? You've climbed Mount Everest 10 times?) - in the animal kingdom they've gone back to basics to attract a mate with the old "look at me with my cool accessory" tactic.

According to research by Dr Simon Allen from the University of Western Australia and reported in The Cut, "Male humpback dolphins have resorted to wearing sea sponges as hats to attract female mates. They're even striking a "banana pose" with their heads and tails lifted from the water while the sponge rests daintily on their forehead." 

Image: Dr Simon Allen via ABC News

The sea sponge "hat" while highlighting key accessorizing skills by the dolphin is actually selected because it's really hard to get off the ocean floor, indicating the brute strength of the dolphin. Speaking to ABC News, Dr Allen said, "It would actually take a fairly impressive display of strength to rip that thing off the sea floor, to then take to the female and present it to her."

Unfortunately for the sea-sponge-wearing males looking for love or just a little bit of attention, hats are not in fashion within the dolphin kingdom. Dr Allen said, "Every time we've see it so far, the females appear to essentially ignore the males... And on a couple of occasions we've witnessed the males, perhaps in frustration, toss the sponge at the female." Boys...Just can't catch a break.

Even in the animal kingdom accessories are key to scoring a date (фото 1)

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