Do all your exes look the same? Science has a reason

Do all your exes look the same? Science has a reason


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If all your ex-partners share similar physical traits or even similar jobs – there’s now an actual scientific reason for that

If you've ever wondered why all your exes have blue eyes or work in similar industries - don't worry, you're not turning into Leonardo 'I only date VS Angels' DiCaprio. A new study from the University of California suggests that similarities - both physical and personality-based - between your former romantic partners are actually explainable by science.

According to the study, which examined the characteristics of people in 1,000 past and present heterosexual relationships, most people's exes share similar physical characteristics. This is because you attract people who are at a similar level of attractiveness to you. Like attracts like in this case (don't tell Donald Trump), which explains why many people appear to date the same type over and over again. This even extends to the people we sleep with or date short-term, because "...during the partner selection process, people may have difficulty differentiating between partners that prove to be casual and short-term versus committed and long-term," reads an excerpt from the study.

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It's a similar story when you consider intelligence level, education and religious beliefs - we go for the same type. And it's less to do with seeking out certain traits, and more to do with simple geography. "A second study examined the ex-partners of several hundred young adults sampled from schools across the United States. The exes of a particular person tended to be very similar on variables like education, religiosity, and intelligence, but this type of similarity was entirely due to the school that people attended. Within their local school context, people were no more or less likely to select educated, intelligent, or religious partners."

So if you thought you were making an active choice in your love life by swiping right, maybe you should think again. "Do people have a type? Yes," said Paul Eastwick, one of the study's authors and associate professor of psychology. "But sometimes it reflects your personal desirability and sometimes it reflects where you live."

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